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What does it cost?

As you weigh the value of the service, keep the following in mind:

How much time do you spend each week planning menus, making grocery lists, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning the kitchen?

How much time do you spend picking up last minute dinners or eating out? What else can you be doing with that extra time and energy?

How much money do you spend eating out or buying expensive prepared entrees?

How much money is wasted on food that is thrown away because you were too tired or too busy to prepare the meals you had planned?

As your personal chef, we will design a service and a schedule to fit your individual needs. Service may be scheduled as often as you need - weekly, biweekly, monthly or occasionally. The number of servings can also be adjusted from 2-8 servings of each entree. We will discuss the options thoroughly during your free consultations and agree on your fee and schedule at the time.

The sample fees listed below include:

  • Menu planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • 4 generous servings of each entrée
  • Appropriate side dishes
  • Customized menu with detailed heating instructions

Number of Meals
Full Meal Service
Entrée only
3 entrée service
(12 individual meals)
4 entrée service
(16 individual meals)
5 entrée service
(20 individual meals)
6 entrée service
(24 individual meals)
A travel fee will be applied to deliveries and in-home preparations.

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