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How It Works

How It Works

Step 1

Select Menu >

or contact us to help create a custom menu.

Step 3

Fresh Daly sources fresh produce, creates meals to spec, packages and delivers to your door.

Step 4

Heat & Enjoy! 

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Fresh Daly

homestyle classics.


Better than

Mom's Italian.


From the butcher: beef, pork and veal.


Fresh D

from the Sea.


Meatless options that are flavorful & healthy.


Hearty soups, full of nutrients and taste.


Chef Lilia shares her Mexican roots.


Classic and healthy sides for any meal.


Always fresh and sauteed with homegrown herbs.


Kids' favorites and Moms love them, too.


Homemade treats made with love.


Other menu items that might be of interest.

Meet the Chef

Meet The Chef

Chef Lilia Daly is the heart and soul behind Fresh Daly by Lilia. With a Culinary Arts degree from The Culinary Art Institute of New York City (formerly the New York Restaurant School), Chef Lilia's training and background in executive dining and food operations in high volume business operations, healthcare facilities and hotels as well as fine dining restaurants is now available for your family.

At 35 Chef Lilia found herself divorced with three young sons to raise on her own. She decided to follow her passion: cooking.

After finishing culinary school, Chef Lilia started her career in New York City at the famous French-Provencal Restaurant The Colom D’Or.

For the next 12 years Chef Lilia moved from one great restaurant to another: the Short Hills Hilton, The Dining Room, Denis Foy's Town Square, Café Penache, where she gained her incredible knowledge and experience in fine French, Italian, and American cuisine.

Born and raised in Mexico, Chef Lilia is most knowledgeable in Mexican cuisine and Latin flavors.

Chef Lilia is doing exactly what she loves and is passionate about, cooking great food for people that want to experience our greatest gift in life to the fullest; Great Food!

Chef Lilia is committed to the highest quality by using the best and freshest ingredients. She believes in simplicity; use the best ingredient, the proper cooking technique, properly season, and every ingredient’s true flavor will shine.

Tel: 908-276-6887  |  Email:


At Your Service

Tel: 908-276-6887  |  Email:


Tell us what you're looking for in a meal plan, and we'll get in touch right away. 

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